There’s a lot of myths about the good and bad aspects of marijuana, and sometimes it’s hard to figure out what is true, and what isn’t true, and sometimes, it’s questionable as well. Here, we’ll go over the different myths of marijuana 

Marijuana has worse than Good Aspect 

This is something that some people assume, simply because they hear about the high sensation. However, according to experts on substance usage and abuse, along with the prevention and treatment, the side effects and other issues that come with cannabis are not the same as opiates, or possibly other, harder drugs. It’s been used by many for a millennia, and there are a ton of benefits that come with this. However, just because it is good for a lot of conditions, it’s not a cure-all for everything. 

While it does make you feel a little high, you’re not at risk for a lot of the potentially dangerous side effects.  If you use this in a responsible manner, it can make you feel euphoria and other side effects too, which can help with stress. This is considered one of the safest agents out there according to a hearing from the DEA, and this is something that even the AMA has testified about since they don’t think cannabis is as harmful as other drugs.  There are tons of benefits, and a ton of products that have cannabis are already in place and have been utilized for decades at a time. 

Cannabis is responsible for Lung Cancer 

That’s further from the truth. While there are some possible effects that come with smoking weed, there’s a lot of other great benefits too. Some also suggest it can be hep with cancer prevention, since it does kill the cells that cause this condition. However, it’s not going to necessarily cause it, but it’s best to make sure you’re not just smoking it. 

It will increase abuse of this if you Legalize It 

This is another very common misconception, since some people believe that if you take out the politics and then legalize this, it’ll make cannabis usage more prevalent. However, prohibitions ended up doing the opposite, and is considered one of the worst moves for regulation, since it can make substances used more, and it’s something that only creates more problems. 

Plus, with the amount of prescription being written by doctors for cannabis based drugs, it was discovered that cannabis actually reduced the amount of deaths from opiates, and there are a ton of benefits as well that come from this, and if you do prohibit it, you’re just making everything worse as a result. 

Cannabis is Addictive 

Addiction is something that some people have, and it’s something that a lot of people believe happens with cannabis. When it comes to dependance on drugs, there is some who believe that addiction to cannabis is the same. It’s not. There is some evidence which does show that suggests it might be addictive, but this is something that’s more dependency rather than a risk, and it’s got the least amount of dependency, especially when compared to cocaine, coffee, and even tobacco. 

There’s some people who do think it’s addictive, but this is something that’s existed for thousands of years, and it’s something that helps with a variety of conditions, and if you have medical cannabis, you’re not going to be addictive to it the same way you might if it’s a medication and the like. These are definitely some major facts that you should look at when checking on different facts about marijuana, and it’s good to know fact from fiction when it comes to tis substance.