Cannabis and Multiple Sclerosis 

Multiple sclerosis is a condition that can affect almost 3 million people all over the world. Some may wonder what the treatment options may be for this. The thing is with MS, this is something that has plenty of treatment ways, but there’s no cure for any of the problems that are associated with this. With more and more of us getting interested in alternative medicinal means, one thing people may wonder is well, if cannabis is a solution for MS. There is some research that says that it is, which is pretty cool. 

What MS Is 

Multiple sclerosis, or MS, is something that impacts your central nervous system. While there isn’t one specific reason for MS, a lot of scientists do believe that this is autoimmune in origin, where the immune system will hit the nervous system fibers, and also tackle the myelin sheathing that does surround your nerves near the spinal cord. This causes damage to them, and it changes the messages, also making you experience spasms, pain from this, and inflammation. 

This is not predictable, so it’ll have a variety of symptoms. Some may deal with symptoms that are not noticeable and mildly annoying, others have severe issues that do impact simple activities. There are almost 3 million people who do live with this, and the usual age for this is about 32 years old.  Females are more likely to get this diagnosis than men are, and the number is increasing every single day. You may get an MRI and evaluator actions to determine the actual issues that are going on here. While there’s no cure, steroid injections, plasma, other injections, medications taken orally, and infusions are all big ways to treat this. What about cannabis though? Can it work? Here’s what the research says. 

The research

Because of the fact that cannabis is still considered a controlled substance, there isn’t a ton of information on this, and the research is lacking. However there is some promising research to say the least, and here, we can look at why cannabis may be the best alternative for those who suffer from MS. For starters, according to a study that was done in February 2021 on the impact of cannabis on cytokine profiles, it was found that this is something that actually can help with driving these downwards to a more healthy level. 

Cytokines are surmised to be the reason why patients suffer from this condition. While there is no specific impact directly mentioned, there is some research which says that it has promising results from this as well. In terms of mobility, this is something that a lot of people are looking at as well. there is a chance that CBD cannabis which is enriched could help with mobility, and it could possibly help those suffering to get the right treatment needed. pain, stiffening and spasms of the muscles, inflammation and fatigue, along with depression can make those who suffer to be not as active, have les mobility and functions, and oftentimes are creating a deter mental impact from this. This is something that doesn’t have a cure either. 

However, because CBD is considered anti-inflammatory, antiemetic, antioxidative, neuroprotective, and a powerful antipsychotic substance, this is something tat can help with a lot of different issues including also that your normal homeostasis functions such as blood pressure, heart rate, and also your body temperature aren’t negatively impacted. There is also some benefits on the memory issues that some people have. While there is still more research to be needed it looks promising for these patient too. 

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