Does Weed impact Birth Control 

Some people may wonder if birth control is affected if you take weed. But the side effects currently that happen with cannabis may interact with the current side effects you get from birth control. Here, we explore both of these, and we find out what you should know about this. 

So Does It? 

With over half of the females in the US using some kind of birth control, and with over 120 different compounds that are active, some of them may interact with the side effects of cannabis, especially hormonal pills. Both the FDA along with the CDC do consider that cannabis won’t counteract the birth control methods utilized, regardless of how that they’re used. 

There is no current evidence that THC impacts the effectiveness of birth control. However, if you have anxiety or nausea, this can sometimes be worse because of the side effects of your birth control, whether it be rings, IUDs, the pills, or even an implant. CBD does impact how the liver may metabolize some medications used.  It may possibly impact birth control which is estrogen-based. CBD also may cause issues with other kinds of medications, but it’s good to know for sme that if you’re taking a birth control that is progesterone-based, you don’t have to worry about it possibly being impacted by this. 

The side Effects and health risks. 

Both estrogen birth control and THC do cause changes to your blood pressure, and if you have heart issues, this can impact the complications. Those who deal with rapid heart rate or if you have high blood pressure, you should talk to your doctor before you decide to use birth control, since this is something that may be impacted, the same goes before using THC. 

Birth control does have a few possible side effects including heart attack, blood clots, liver tumors, and stroke, but the ECS also does play a role in your fertility and health, improving the production of eggs and the embryonic development. However, right now there needs to be more research on what THC does to a woman’s fertility, especially when combined with a contraceptive. For those who are pregnant or looking to be pregnant, you should try to stop using this, and if you’re planning to breastfeed, don’t use any marijuana kinds of items, since this is actually in your breast milk, and it can negatively impact a child’s health. 

Does the administration Matter? 

There is no one way of cannabis consumption that does impact the efficiency of birth control, smoking, edibles, vaping, all of this is not going to be harmfully affected. However, there is more research on the negative implications of tobacco with birth control. Smoking is bad for birth control since it can cause the blood vessels to have complications. Right now, there is no conclusive evidence though that says smoking weed does the same thing as regular smoking, but if you’re still worried, you might want to use vapes, tinctures, or even edibles if you’re still planning to use birth control. 

So what this means for you is that there is no sufficient evidence that says if you smoke weed while on the pill it will fail. But there is always some possibility of some negative side effects. If for whatever reason you do experience bad side effects, stop taking it immediately, especially THC, and talk to your doctor about potentially using an alternative if you’re curious about using this type of thing and getting something that’ll help you with preventing pregnancy, while also letting you have cannabis at your leisure too. 

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