Marijuana and the Role in Sports 

Medical marijuana is still considered a Schedule 1 kind of drug, which means it’s banned from most of the major sports bodies.  Any athlete that competes in sports can’t use this, but there is a lot that’s changed as of late. California for example legalized medical marijuana use for some conditions, and with more states legalizing this, it’s something that’s going to problem come to sports sooner rathe than later. There is an argument to be had here about athletes that do benefit from this, and it’s something that’s not dismissed by hand waves. There are also benefits of CBD and other cannabis products for an athlete. 

Those that are retired definitely notice that it can help with some effects, and there is some evidence which proves that marijuana helps with recovery and the growth of muscles, and with the attitude of tis being in general the idea that medical cannabis might be legal, there is a strong chance that this could be a win for everybody. 

A Lot of changes are Happen 

There is the World Doping Agency that’s starting to real some of the rules that surround medical cannabis. Some athletes do benefit from the use of CBD and other compounds before they compete.  It’s something that some people assume professional leagues will be soon to follow. However there isn’t much desire to change the doping regulations that are currently used. One example is the NFL, which is something that showcases this paradox. There are players that have admitted to utilizing cannabis during their careers, and the NFL’s governing body has been interested in reviewing and researching the current records of cannabis on there.  But currently, there isn’t any sort of steps being taken to look at whether or not players are caught with this, and if they are, they are still banned, just like they would with other substances that are not good. 

Is it the Opioid Addiction Solution 

One thing that athletes deal with during their career, especially those who are professional, is pain. this can become more severe and frequent depending on the sports that are there. For example, let’s take the NFL. Injuries are super common, and some people even have to deal with playing despite the pain. There are those that use marijuana as a medication, and it’s something that helps with a lot of problems, especially broken bones and whatnot. A lot of players do have similar stories to this, and it can help with the pain that they deal with. 

A lot of people in the NFL are pretty much addicted to opioids and injections before their games. This is addictive, does impact the judgment, and it can also be very easy to abuse. However, the problem with the current culture of the NFL, is that nobody actually calls it out, and it’s something that people do abuse contiguously if there is no alternative to this. According to a study done on this addiction by players in the NFL, it was found that they were four times as inclined to abuse this than those in our general population, and some even admit that they abuse it forthright. 

The addiction part of this too is hard for some people to control, and the thing is, it’s something that we just let slide under the radar. But, with CBD along with THC, it could be the pain solution that people, have, especially our athletes with chronic pain that’s neuropathic, and it’s something that is resulting from surgery, or an injury that’s physical. This could possibly help them. 

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